End of Semester Program Evaluation

The aim of this survey is to evaluate the effectiveness of programs and events presented in the residence halls throughout the semester.  Your responses will help us to improve programs in the future.  

Name and email are optional for the survey.  However, if you wish to be entered in the drawing for the Bookstore giftcards, you must supply your name, email address, and complete the entire survey.


Email Address:
1. Did you attend any residence hall programs this year? Yes
1a. If no, why not?
2. Did programs help you get to know other students? If so, in what way? Yes
2a. If not, how could they?
3. Was there a program that increased your understanding of people different from yourself? Yes
3a. If so, which one?
4. Was there a program that helped you academically? Yes
4a. If so, which one? How did it do that?
5. Was there a program that taught you skills you will use in life? Yes
5a. If so, which one? How did it do that?
6. What program did you enjoy the most? Why?
7. What program did you learn the most from? Why?
8. Was there a program you didn’t enjoy? What would have made it better?
9. What programs would you like to see that weren’t offered this semester?

Thank you!  Please click Submit Form below.