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1. What are some of the ways to make a change on campus? a. Talk to the Associated Student Government (ASG)
b. Start an organization by talking to the Office of Student Development
c. All of the above
d. None of the above
2. Where is the best place you can you learn about how to get involved on campus, such as with a fraternity, sorority, or student organization? a. Welcome Week’s Welcome BBQ and Fair
c. Careers and Alumni Office
d. None of the above
3. Which sports are a part of our intramural program at Woodbury? a. Football, Volleyball, and Swimming
b. Basketball and Volleyball
c. Extreme Soccer, Basketball, and more if enough students request a sport
d. Swimming and Extreme Soccer
4. How will Woodbury contact you during an emergency? a. Email only
b. Text messages, email, and phone calls using the contact information provided on Self-Service
c. Phone calls to your family members
d. Campus-wide intercom system
5. Where and when is alcohol permitted on campus for those who are over the age of 21? a. RA sponsored events in the Residence Halls
b. In studio areas while class is not in session
c. Official Woodbury sponsored events that use designated areas on campus
d. New Woody’s during dinner
6. Who do you need to meet with before you can register for classes each semester? a. Freshmen Peer Advisor
b. Friends
c. Faculty Academic Advisor
d. Favorite Professor
7. What should you do before meeting with your faculty advisor every semester? a. Talk to your classmates and schedule your classes based on what they plan to take next semester
b. Look through your academic worksheet and transcript, and create at least two schedules
c. Do not prepare, your faculty advisor will look for classes for you
d. You don’t have to meet with your faculty advisor
8. Approximately how many units should you take each semester in order to graduate on time? (Five years for architecture and four years for other traditional majors) a. 13-14
b. 12
c. 15-18
d. 25
9. What are the academic support services that the Office of Student Development provides? a. Academic Advising and career advice for a small fee
b. The Writing Center and library resources
c. Peer Mentoring and class supplies
d. Tutoring, Academic Advising, and Peer Mentors all free of charge
10. What academic dates are the most important for you to know and where can they be found? a. First and last days of classes can be found by asking the main operator
b. Semester vacation days can be found by asking your professors
c. Add, Drop, and Withdraw dates can be found on the Woodbury Academic Services page of the Portal
d. Registration dates can be found by asking a librarian
11. What would you use Self-Service and Moodle for? a. Looking up grades, class schedule, registering for classes, billing, looking up faculty advisor, uploading assignments, and checking grades
b. Looking at your syllabi and finding scholarly resources
c. Request an official transcript
12. What are examples of financial aid you may be eligible for if you are a domestic student? a. Scholarships donated by local businesses
b. Work Study, which is federal funds for on-campus employment (no more that 20 hours/week)
c. Scholarships, grants, and loans
d. b and c only
e. Neither, I am an international student
13.What date is the FAFSA (financial aid) deadline and how often do you have to re-file if you are a domestic student? a. February 25 and July 25 every six months
b. March 12 and October 12 every semester
c. March 2 every year
d. April 1 and never re-file after filing for the first time
e. Neither, I am an international student
14. What are the three principles for making smart choices about spending and saving while you are in school? a. Find out how much income you have to spend, make a budget, and borrow only what you need
b. Make a budget and stick to it, do not find out where your money goes, and cross your fingers
c. Borrow whenever you do not have enough to pay your bills, do not follow a budget, and apply for as many credit cards as possible
15. When is Campus Safety available to assist you and how can you contact them? a. Monday-Friday from 8:00am-5:00pm by running to the front gate
b. 24 hours, seven days a week by calling (818) 252-5208
c. Monday-Friday from 8:00am-10:00pm by calling the main operator
d. Sunday-Saturday from 8:00am-12midnight
16. In what building is the Office of Student Development located, which includes aspects of student life and academic support? a. Hensel Hall Building
b. Whitten Student Center
c. Cabrini Hall Building
d. Kirby Hall Building
17. Why is Welcome Week important for new students?