IPA Weekly Report

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What message did you send out to your advisees this week?
Any special messages with specific students?
What meaningful interactions did you make with your advisees this week? Items to consider: •Focus of discussion (Was it personal information, community/relationships, goals/academics/time management, diversity/social issues/values) •Impact the discussion had on individual and/or community. How/why did the interaction come about? •What outcome came from the interaction? (Was there a strengthening of relationship? Referral? Change in the community? A commitment to follow-up? A simple check-in?)

If you are concerned about a specific student, please submit an early alert

What are two goals for yourself this week?
I need more ... this week. Sleep
Study Time
Personal Time
Supervisor Time
Healthy Relationships
Weekly hours to punch in: (Examples) 9/4: 12-1pm (Student meeting) 9/5: 2:30-4pm (Creating flyer)